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We are a community of gamers who aim to fuel the e sports industry by guiding and empowering our members. At present, we organize competitions for Fortnite, CSGO, Black Ops, Dota and more. We trade skins and are interested in enabling grass-roots coaching and community content-creation projects. We are actively looking for budding players and influencers to add to the roster of our sister agency, Click. Through these activities we’re looking to build the community and gain insight into what people would like to see in our web portal, which is currently under development. This is a holding page for the website and if you’d like to get involved in any of the above, or feed in to the site design and build, please sign up for our newsletter and join our Discord channel!

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December 8-9th
Fortnite Besiktas Open
January 12-13th
Scrim Most Kills
January 26-27th
Scrim Snipes
February 9-10th
Took an arrow in the knee [PUBG]
"Girls do it Better"
CSGO Online

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What’s HOT

December 11, 2018

ASUS ROG Spain wins the Besiktas Open

  After 2 days of intense battle (Watch the VOD here) two teams made it on top : Asus ROG Spain finish on top landing more than 30 kills during…
December 2, 2018

Besiktas Fortnite Open is here !

After a successful team announcement success, Besiktas is joining us as sponsors to organise one first Fortnite event ! The "Fortnite Besiktas Open" which will have the "Most Kills" format…
December 1, 2018

Besiktas girl LOL roster win Dreamhack !

The Besiktas female League of Legend roster won the Dreamhack Winter Championship in Sweden ! After only 2 weeks of signing, the girls have taken the gold after beating the…

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